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Jan 2019 21 Day Clean, Lean & Healthy

Increase energy and vitality, get in shape, and feel great in this 21-Day health and wellness challenge for Watsonville Hospital employees, volunteers and medical staff.
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Jan 2019 21 Day Clean, Lean & Healthy

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About The Event

Welcome to the 21-Day Clean, Lean and Healthy challenge.


In this personalized wellness program designed specifically for WCH, together we will:

  • revamp our diets: get out ALL processed food, sugar, alcohol and caffeine, eat lots of organic veggies and fruit
  • move our bodies more
  • get more rest, relaxation and sleep
  • stop stressing out, live more mindfully
  • reduce environmental toxins
  • practice mindful eating awareness
  • have fun together and create joy!!

Dates: Monday, January 7 - Sunday, January 27. Before the 21 Days begins, you will receive a document with guidelines for the 21 days so you can begin preparing. You will also receive additional information, resources and optional challenges during the 21 days.

Location: we will not be meeting in person. Check you email daily for health guidelines and additional wellness tips.

Cost: FREE!!

Confidentiality info: WCH Human Resources director requests a list of participants, so your name (but no details) will be provided to HR. Your email and contact info will not be shared or revealed to other participants. I will start a private chat group through What's App where participants can ask questions, post photos (e.g., healthy food they ate for breakfast, or a selfie while exercising), share progress and cheer each other on. Only participants of the 21-Day program through WCH will have access to this private group chat.

Participants: Watsonville Hospital staff, volunteers and medical staff only. However, you are welcome to share the documents provided friends and family so they can participate, but they won't be on the email list or in the chat group. PLEASE ONLY ENROLL IF YOU ARE WLLING TO FULLY COMMIT TO PARTICIPATION FOR THE ENTIRE 21 DAYS.

Are you ready for an amazing challenge? Are you ready to completely revamp you health? Are you ready to feel revitalized? Let's do it!

  • 21 Day Clean, Lean & Healthy

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