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Real Time Stress Management

Overeating     Perfectionism     People Pleasing Rescuing Others     Sleep Problems

Difficult Co-worker    Anxiety   Demanding Boss Procrastination   Depression    Overspending Meeting Deadlines    Headaches    Body Pain 

Tech Addiction   Difficult Teens   Work Overload Fear of Failure    Mood Swings   Addicted to Power Divorce     Empty Nest     Always Late

Exercise Addiction    Changing Careers

Pregnancy Stress    Drinking Too Much


Emotional Brain Training (EBT)
EBT is a simple, proven brain-based method for rapidly reducing stress and training the brain for resilience.  Join more than 400,000 others who have used EBT to:
  • Reduce stress
  • Change Behavior
  • Solve Problems
  • Create Joy
Learn more about Emotional Brain Training and enroll in Misa's weekly telegroup.
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